Rahway tries to lure artists with subsidized housing

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Union Daily News

RAHWAY, NJ — Rahway is trying to lessen the reality — if not the image — of the struggling artist by giving preference to artists in a federally-subsidized apartment complex the city hopes to fill with 58 tenants by the end of January.

The Willows at Rahway is located on the site of the former Elizabethtown Gas Parking Lot at 219 Central Ave; about a block away from the Union County Performing Arts Center and Hamilton Stage.

“The municipality said it was important to them to foster the growth of the arts community because they wanted a burgeoning arts district,” Bruce Morgan, of BCM Affordable Housing, a partner in the project, said. “They felt that if they had more artists living in town, and they could afford to live in town, it would be better for the community.”

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