Recap – Piano Keys of Cranford

By Gabe Bailer – June 13th

When I wrote down my idea in March for placing a public piano in Eastman Clock Plaza for all to play during the summer, I didn’t expect it to come to fruition. Many ideas are pitched by the public but many times they don’t come to reality. Cranford is different. Within a day I posted the article, I received a call from Deputy Mayor Pat Giblin saying “this is a great idea. Let’s do it”. I didn’t expect this at all to happen, especially in 3 months.

With the coordination from Pat Giblin and Kathleen Prunty and her team from Downtown Cranford on Friday, June 9th, the piano was unveiled and the piano keys of Cranford became a reality. Let’s back up a bit on how this all came together. Pat posted on the FB page Cranford – NJ Area Families if anyone in the area was willing to donate a piano. In the matter of an hour we received 3 offers and by the end of the day 8. The piano was graciously donated by the Lafferty Family and then transported to the community center by Cranford’s DPW. At the community center, 3 Cranford High School students Robert Zanfardino, Ben Romero and Erin Joyce painted the piano in an array of bright colors that will shine in the plaza. They did a great job!

With the piano ready to go and the June 9th date set, I ask on Cranford NJ Area Families if there was anyone interested in performing opening night for “let’s make some music” unveiling. Alejandro Colon and Sean Garnhart graciously volunteered to offer their musical abilities to grace downtown Cranford.

On Friday June 9th, I walked with my family and our neighbors to the plaza. As I was 10’ feet away I could hear the piano gracefully resonating through the streets. There were families sitting listening to Sean play, eating dinner at the plaza and kids running around filled with sounds of joy and laughter. (Sorry I arrived a couple of minutes late so I don’t have any video of Alejandro playing – but there is video on Downtown Cranford’s FB page).

Here is a video of Sean performing

The plaza was active and filled with music. This was my intent when I put this idea on my blog. I had the idea, but Pat Giblin and Kathleen Prunty and her team made this happen. I would like to say thank you to them and hope all of you enjoy the “piano keys of Cranford for the summer”. Now let’s make some music!